Thursday, January 24, 2013

Changing Caregiving - Be a Part of What's To Come

At Making CareEasier (MCE) our goal is to improve the way families care for their loved ones.  This is no small mission, but a critical one.  We’re taking another big step forward this week as we welcome +Mary Jane Favazza as our new CEO.  Mary Jane brings with her a wealth of experience including more than 15 years in the healthcare IT space.  Most importantly, she brings with her a passion for improving the living of those caring for elderly adults.

Throughout her career, Mary Jane has been making good teams great and great teams flourish.  She joins us most recently from Health Dialog, a leading provider of care management, healthcare analytics, and decision support.  Over her time there, she led the operational team that built unprecedented value to both customers as well as investors and led their business development efforts to help grow their user base.  Mary Jane is a major catalyst for growth and we're looking forward to her leadership at MCE.

When we started MCE, we knew the people behind MCE would be the key to success and Mary Jane will be the perfect leader for a team filled with drive, dedication and expertise.  MCE's team has experience in not only caring for loved ones, but the expertise in the field so we know what families and professional companies need, and have the industry expertise to create something revolutionary.  And, best of all we have learned from our customers about what you need and built the functional capabilities asked for along with a secure site, built to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Each caregiving experience is unique and it's hard to express how challenging, time consuming, rewarding, hard and even sometimes fun it can be.  At MCE, we want to use the collective experiences of caregivers to provide the tools, products and services that they found made caregiving easier.

Caregiving is critical to our communities and we want to invite you to be a part of making caring easier for others.    Mary Jane set aggressive goals to provide you with more great solutions and we want to get as much feedback as we can.  Please join today at and share your feedback!